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Born in Jerusalem, raised in Kansas City & seasoned in Brooklyn.


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Calvin Arsenia’s “Toxic”

Directed by Khitam Jabr

DP: John P. Baetty

BTS Photos by   Travis Young

BTS Photos by Travis Young


Currently in Post

In April I went to Topeka, Kansas and filmed a documentary at a maximum security women’s prison with my dear friend and filmmaker Mikal Shapiro. We spent a few weeks following Canadian Blues Goddess Rita Chiarelli as she workshopped songs and spoken word with the offenders in preparation for a concert we held at the Topeka Correctional Facility. I’m currently assistant editing on the project.

Frames by Khitam Jabr

Frames by Khitam Jabr

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Frames by Khitam Jabr

Frames by Khitam Jabr

A big to do of mine this year was to start shooting on film. There’s a certain nostalgia to a film photo that completely enchants me. I bought a Pentax K1000 from a lovely woman on Craigslist and shot most of my first roll of film during this documentary. Check out the series called “My First Roll

We filmed a short doc in 2017 and Kickstarted the project to go back and film a for a full length.

PROJECT: a choral ensemble of inmates at the Topeka Correctional Institute rehearses and performs under the direction of an acclaimed blues artist, Rita Chiarelli. PARTICIPANTS: Rex Pryor (poet and retired Warden), Shannon Meyer (Warden: Topeka Correctional Facility), Inmates of the Topeka Correctional Facility Rita Chiarelli is an acclaimed award-winning Italian-Canadian blues musician and a gifted performing songwriter with a soaring three-octave voice.

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